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Pegas Soft is a professional IT company providing services with special software, web design, e-commerce project, corporate identity, graphic design work and special web projects with unconditional customer satisfaction.

Pegas Soft, we carry the commercial positions of our customers to the world of technology and offer professional solutions for the company to gain prestige and increase its earnings.

We provide services in the fields of software, web design, mobile application and social media to the people who want to make their work easier, accelerate and enlarge.

We are fully satisfied with our customer-oriented work.

We bring new ideas to life with our expert staff and make our work a little easier.

By reducing this service to a minimum, we are gaining a plus in the eyes of our customers.

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What We do

Special Software Development

We are developing special software for Web and Mobile platforms, specially integrate different software for easy access and control.

Search Engine Optimization

It's important to us that your website in Google and other search engines is top-ranking when searching for relevant words.

Social Media Advertising

Identify your company's position on the Internet with internet ads. Improving your brand awareness and increasing your sales.


We provide consultancy services in order to provide, manage, develop, finalize and provide appropriate development of customized and general solutions to corporate needs and individual users.

  • Work Area

  • Search Engine Optimization

    In-site arrangements; help search engines to read and understand the site regularly. Search engines; evaluates the content of any site with the user experience and takes into account the experience of the algorithm creates.

  • Social Media and Digital Platform

    Social media and digital power have a major impact on the potential mass side. Social media usage and social media ads will help you to see your brand actively and to direct them to interaction.

  • Web Design

    Web design is one of the most important innovations of advanced technologies. The internet has become one of the most effective platforms of information and sharing through web design. The most important advantage that the internet provides us is to make transportation easier and to reach you. Therefore, it is much more effective and cheaper than other communication and communication platforms.

  • Monitoring and Reporting Analysis

    The brands want to be aware of the events on social media that are outside their own controls and followings. Being aware of what is being said about the brand, and being aware of the attitudes of users to social media, allows you to produce the right strategy when you encounter a crisis and a negative situation.


  • We Think Creatively

    We listen to your demands and needs and create new and innovative ideas and design.

  • We Care

    We care for our customer during project analysis/implementation, and support processes.

  • Modern Interface

    We create fast and permanent solutions to all problems and issues that we see in our analysis.

  • We are Customisable

    All our solutions are customisable for your needs. We can provide unique and personalised solutions.

  • User-Friendly

    All software and applications developed by Most idea have user friendly and easy-to-use interface.



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